“Thank you for all of your help. You are a fabulous agent and have gone out of your way for me, even though I just was just a rental. I will definitely recommend you!”

Alicia Hall

“Peggy and I expected much less for our house when you called and said you had a buyer who would pay more than twice what we had in mind. I could hardly believe it. Your true con-cern for our welfare was great and all things went without a hitch of any kind. I will always remember you, Elaine, as a great real estate agent and as a wonderful, caring friend.”

Bob Sleep

“Elaine Bykerk is the best Realtor I've ever worked with. She's smart, funny, knowledge-able, and put my feelings and home needs above anything else. She was kind and patient. When I sell my house, I will call her to list it for me. She's terrific!”

David McNulty

“We received top-of-the-line customer service from Elaine Bykerk. She is an outstanding rep-resentative for her real estate company. We will remember her highly to everyone. We are totally pleased with the fantastic job Elaine did in every way. We give her a grade of A+.”

Dick & Glady Sander

“I couldn’t have asked for a better agent to work with. She not only helped me find my dream house, but became a great friend to me and someone that I will continue to stay in touch with. She made looking for a home so much more exciting because I could tell she really cared about what I wanted.” 

Jessica Franzen

“Elaine Bykerk Glidden was an outstanding real estate agent from start to finish. I feel very fortunate to have found her!”

Michael Binder

“My sincere appreciation for all the time you took finding homes, driving me all over, and finally landing my family in a perfect house during our transition. It's been a very stressful time leaving our home of 27 years and uproot-ing to Northbrook. You made it more of a smooth transition. You've been very profes-sional and helpful with our adjustment to new surroundings.”

Patty Boyer

“Thanks so much for being on top of every-thing! Other agents we've used have never been this detailed and organized. Elaine is a tremendous agent and I would definitely rec-ommend her for anyone buying or selling a property. She communicates every detail of what is going on, making you feel at ease. I've used other agents in the past and they don't even come close to how Elaine operates.”

Tom Tyson

“Elaine just helped us buy a foreclosure and it was such a pleasure to work with her. She is very knowledgeable and professional and so easy to talk to. She made sure to keep us in the loop throughout the whole process and was quick to answer any of our questions, which greatly helped to make the buying process less of a mystery. We would very highly recom-mend Elaine!”

Troy & Kimberly Hamersly

“Sincere thanks for your services. I can't imagine it going much better, and your quick responsiveness, expert advice, neighborly help and charm were a large part of the success. I'm so lucky for your expertise! Best wishes for many more successful deals!”

Deb Koenig

“Elaine is a very detail oriented person who works very hard to accomplish her goals. She is honest, hard-working, loyal, and one of the nicest people anyone would want to meet. She would be an asset to any firm.”

Yolanda Kits

“My husband and I just bought our first house in America, and Elaine was there, with us. That Elaine became our realtor must be one of the biggest luck happened to us in the course of purchasing our house.

When we told her that we do not have much background or information about buying a house here, Elaine started to guide us through whole steps. When we said we have no idea whether the house is good or bad, she started to educate us. She showed houses in our budget, under our budget, and over our budget too, to give us as much idea as possible, and it really helped! When we asked her opinion, she gave us one, like a sister or a friend. We asked her the most trivial things and she was always more than happy to help us. We got introduced to the best attorney, inspector, and even con-tractor by her which we are very grateful for.

In the course, our circumstances changed several times, so we changed our minds from buying to renting, and then buying again, and we also changed cities too. During the whole time, Elaine was always understanding, pa-tient, encouraging and supportive. I couldn't have expected better even from my mom.

Finally, we ended up winning our bid on a foreclosed house, but the deal was closed pretty smoothly and quickly, and we believe the deal saved us fortune.
Thank you, Elaine, for everything! You are our star!!” 

Yongho & SJ

“From the first moment of contact, Elaine acted in the utmost professional and courteous manner. We have been delighted in her actions, response and management of our rental prop-erty. We are also very grateful for the website she created to promote our property. She has also gone above and beyond at helping us out – sweeping out the garage, putting out garbage, and climbing in through a window when she was locked out after the tenants left. We rec-ommend her services to anyone.”

Leslie & Simon Taylor

“Elaine really cares about the people she works with, the clients she serves and the outcomes she manages, and that’s getting rarer all the time in real estate. Her enthusiasm and positiv-ity are contagious, and she is one of those very rare people who can elevate your mood, your knowledge and your game with just her pres-ence. I still actively seek Elaine out whenever I need a jolt of positive, creative energy and like most of the people she touches in the business, I’m better at what I do because of it.” 

Dave Kerr

“We had the pleasure and good fortune to have Elaine as our Realtor when we sold our Chicago condominium. We sold in record time and she negotiated a very fair price for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Elaine. She is a gracious lady!”
Elizabeth Herman

“Elaine did a fantastic job in helping us sell our place in Boston, by recommending a top notch agent she knew, and by serving as our agent in finding our house in Northbrook. She is extremely well-informed about the market and is always there when a question arises. We give her our highest recommendation.”
Michael & Verna Odiotti

“Elaine, Thank you again for maintaining a smooth home-sale for us. Your knowledge and professionalism shined through and through.”

Cathy Carmichael

“Thanks, Elaine, you were wonderful on help-ing us search near and far an find the perfect home, then selling it 6 years later!

Elaine goes above and beyond at every step. She was always available with valuable information. Always available to discuss is-sues as they arose via phone or email. Amaz-ing gal! Elaine was an honor to know and work with! She is a spitfire and understanding too!

You can never go wrong choosing Elaine! She has the experience, knowledge, resource, drive, and determination to get the job done!”

Dave & Sue Schroepfer

“Elaine Bykerk Glidden was very understand-ing and helpful in selling our home. She was very professional and upbeat throughout the process. I received prompt answers from Elaine via text, email, or phone calls.”

Kathi Kuhlman

“This was our second time working with Elaine and, once again, she did an outstanding job! Elaine is very professional, patient, knowledgeable, easy to get along with and will go the extra mile (or miles) to get the job done. We will definitely use Elaine’s services again for any future buying or selling!”

Kimberly & Troy Hamersly

“Elaine was everything we needed, when we needed. The entire process has a lot of moving parts and we could always count on her for guidance and an upbeat attitude.”
Nicole Schroepfer

“Elaine was always there when I was in need of assistance, at any time of the day. Truly a dedicated professional who also became my friend.”
Ronald M. Meltzer MD

“Elaine Bykerk Glidden was a top notch agent to work with. I would never go through this process with anyone else. She was able to explain things to us in a clear and helpful manner throughout every step of selling our home and buying a new home. Elaine is an honest person and always willing to take time to listen to our concerns and help us problem solve. We always felt supported and trusted her professional judgment when we were faced with difficult decisions. I would definitely recommend Elaine to everyone I know!”

Gina Tyson

“Elaine was a joy to work with and her attention to detail kept all parties on track. Elaine's enthusiastic personality made the home buying and selling experience less stressful.

I would recommend anyone I know who is buying or selling their home to Elaine Bykerk as I know they will get the best service possible.”

Tom Tyson

“Elaine went above and beyond to sell our home and find us a new home. We are very satisfied with her services. Her knowledge of the real estate market is exceptional. She was also very patient with us while we looked at homes and during the selling process of our current home. It certainly can be a stressful time, but Elaine had the process smoothly. We definitely would recommend her! A job WELL DONE!”

Phil & Jolene Gersdorf

“Elaine was easy to work with and a good fit for our needs. Elaine went above and beyond to support the sale since we no longer live in the area. Elaine is a pleasure to work with.”
Betty Tracy

“Nice job, Elaine! You're the pro we were looking for when we started this journey.
Keep up the good work.”
Tom and Susan Talty

“Elaine was terrific -- extremely knowledge-able, prompt in returning calls, thorough in marketing our property, and always patient with every question. In addition, she has a vivacious, engaging personality that made it a pleasure to work with her. We could not have asked for a better broker and recommend her enthusiastically to anyone.”
Marlyn Kravitz

“Elaine has been working with us for quite some time; through all the challenges of getting ready to become a buyer, the options, decisions, snags... I'm amazed that there are still people in this world who will stick by you, no matter what; to see the whole thing through. I didn't know they still made people like Elaine. She's professional, patient, experienced, knowledge-able, resourceful, creative, warm; A great bro-ker, mentor and friend!”
Samuel Love

“Elaine Bykerk Glidden was absolutely wonderful to work with selling my home. She stayed on top of the whole process and helped me navigate the sale all the way through. I was in good hands with Elaine and recommend her to my friends and family without hesitation!”
Barbara Miller

"Elaine was on top of the sale of the townhouse for the whole transaction. It was a busy time in my life, but I knew I didn't have to worry about the sale of the townhouse. She's a "take charge" type of person...just what I needed. I am a former realtor, so my expectations were high. She ex-ceeded those expectations! Thanks Elaine!"
Jeanne Ziegler

“Elaine did a spectacular job both selling my townhouse and helping me find a new home. She was totally on top of everything and was so easy to work with. She was respectful of my needs and wants. I felt that she had my back throughout the entire process. She's the best!”
Barbara Miller

“Elaine did an excellent job helping us get our mother’s house on the market and sold quicker than we would have ever thought. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in the market to sell a house. The house we were listing had a lot of character which we thought would be a definite drawback and she assured us that there was some-one out there who would love it. She was right. Within 3 weeks we had an offer on the house. She kept walking us through every step of the way until the contract was signed and the property was closed on. She was a true joy to work with.”
Cheryl Byron

“Elaine came to the job with a very positive attitude. She was always responsive, helpful, encouraging and tenacious with the sale of our property.”
Susan Talty

“She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales person. Friendly, responsive and always smiling. Elaine was a pleasure to work with.”
Donald Lopotko

“We are out of state and depended on a friend to recommend a broker for us. He strongly rec-ommended Elaine Bykerk Glidden, and we're very grateful for that piece of advice. Elaine was especially sensitive to our out-of-state situation and went out of her way to make us comfortable, more than comfortable actually. She was very thoughtful and careful of our needs and wants, even suggesting ways to make the sale smoother. She had great connections as well, which we utilized both to find a lawyer and to get the home in shape to sell. It was a genuine relief to have Elaine working for us. Thank you, Elaine!”
Bonnie Hartzell Pike

“It took a long time to sell our house, but that was due to a combination of slow market and poor location. Elaine did an outstanding job in every aspect. She was very attentive and we were always able to get in touch with her when we had questions or concerns. She is very pro-fessional and she really knows the market. We had a great experience on the sale of our old house and on the purchase of our new house. We would definitely work with Elaine again and recommend her for anybody looking to buy or sell a house in the Chicagoland area.”

Kirk Meldrum

“Elaine was absolutely wonderful, honest, knowledgeable, and hard working. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to buy or sell real estate.”

Ryan Schneeberger

“We have worked with Elaine a number of times now* and as always, she did an out-standing job for us! Thank you!!”

Kimberly & Troy Hamersly

“Elaine was a true partner who (really) went above and beyond. We had moved out of the area and had some repair work that had to be completed. She took multiple trips to our home to get the repairs done. She was fully customer centric and wanted to help represent our interests and helped us get a fair price for our property. We would do business with her anytime and refer her with full confidence that she will be a customer-centric
partner in the transaction!”
Vivek Pandey

“Elaine was my Assistant Manager during my four years at Koenig & Strey/GMAC real estate in Glen-view. Those were great years and she did so much to make them great. Thoroughly knowledgeable, a joy to work with - classy and easygoing at the same time - a person of real integrity and always avail-able 7 days a week, she was critical to the success of our office.”
Steve Sewall, Ph.D.

“Elaine has been our realtor in the past for a few transactions, but we interviewed her for the sale of our last home, just the same, to be sure she would still be our first choice. She was, hands down, the most organized and most knowledgeable of our area’s market and pricing. Her confidence is conta-gious and her experience is reassuring when you are selling your most expensive asset. We couldn’t be happier with her service and the results that Elaine helped us achieve. We have no regrets, whatsoever, and we would hire Elaine again without any con-cern or hesitation.”
Eileen Wacker

“We dreaded the process of selling our house, but Elaine made it much easier. She was with us throughout, giving good advice and listening to our issues in order to get us comfortable and helping us to make good decisions. We highly recommend her!”
Sy Zilberstein

“Elaine did an excellent job analyzing the mar-ket and helping us determine a fair selling price. This led to a quick sale. She was positive and responsive through the whole transaction. Great job Elaine.”
Donald Lopotko

“Elaine is very knowledgeable and extremely thorough in dealing with buyers and sellers. I have had the pleasure of being on both sides with her. She is detail oriented, goes the extra mile, always accommodates my needs and re-quests and I know I am not the easiest client she’s ever had. I can be quite specific when I want things done and Elaine has never let me down. A stellar person and broker from every angle!” “Elaine has always been patient with my pricing negotiations, follows protocol and the law, and understands current pricing trends.” David McNulty

“It took us 3 years to sell our home, none of which had to to with Elaine. When I had given up hope that I’d ever sell this home, Elaine kept trying to find alternative buyers until she was successful. She’s really a gem!” “Elaine was extremely persistent and always pleasant and professional. We were lucky to have her on our side of the sale!!”

Debbie Rabishaw

Comment to DR: “That’s truly how Elaine is! She helped us to close a very difficult deal as buyer. The process was intense and dif-ficult. I almost gave up but Elaine would not. We got a great deal eventually.” Maggie Ma

“We met Elaine at an open house for another property. We had no agent at the time and we were just begin-ning the house hunting process. We were immediately taken in by Elaine’s warmth and obvious knowledge of the business. Right off the bat she had suggestions for our situation in a non sales pitch, no pressure of any kind. She was genuine and this impression stuck with us so that when we did decided to get serious about buying/selling, we reached out to her right away.”

“Elaine went above and beyond with our transactions as we bought and sold all at once. She gave us advice and was super responsive 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She negotiated for us, ensured the accuracy of all trans-actions, held our hands through the entire process!”

“Elaine embodies all of the above qualities to the ut-most degree! We were on edge the entire time with this deal almost falling through more than once! Elaine has a calmness and kindness about her and she was able to slowly navigate us through everything step by step in a way that helped take us off edge and get us through to closing day!”

“Our sale and purchase was difficult and long. We closed on both transactions on the same day after months of back and forth being the middle sale in a double contingency situation. Elaine got us through this experience and we fully believe things may not have worked out if Elaine was not as skillful in this business as she is. She was able to balance the agents on both sides and negotiate on our behalf without us having to do much work! She did it all. I have already recommended her to family and friends and will con-tinue to do so. I dare say Elaine became a friend throughout this emotional process and we will continue to keep in touch with her!”

Stephen & Theresa Boroski

“Elaine was awesome! Always helpful, trying to find the right answer, went above and beyond. Great agent and very sincere person! I hope I get to work with Elaine again in the future.”
Agnieszka Fafrowicz

“Elaine is excellent to work with, ready at a drop of a hat to attend to your needs. She’s understanding and very patient. Extremely resourceful and business savvy.”
Sylvia Espejo

“Elaine originally helped us buy our house over twenty years ago. She kept in contact over the years and delightfully, she was as thorough a selling agent as she had been a buying agent. We started our 'move away' process before the home sold so Elaine ended up being our local eyes and ears regarding anything going on with the house. She was completely on top of things even at the beginning when we first thought about selling the home. She even brought in three other realtors for their opinions on how we should stage the house and we took much of the advice. I was so appreciative of her attention to detail. Little things like giving my plants a drink of water when we were gone. No one would be disappointed with her professionalism and at-tention to detail. I think she did everything right to get our home sold during a somewhat diffi-cult time. Thanks Elaine!!"
Marie & Michael Cleveland

“Elaine Bykerk is a first class broker, don't get better.... she's AAA. She worked for me a long time, over 20 years, and knew my needs and did a wonderful job.”

Paul Kica

“Thanks Elaine for being so personable and helping us through what could’ve been a stressful time."
David & Rebecca Yang

“Elaine is the broker to go to if you want to sell your house!. She is always available to answer all questions. She is very knowledgeable of the real estate business. I already recommended her to friends that are selling their properties.”
Vivian Armenian

“As a first time home buyer, I was looking
for an honest, knowledgeable and professional realtor. Elaine Bykerk Glidden is the perfect realtor. She is very honest and a kind person. She guided me through all the processes and referred me to the right people. Elaine worked hard with everyone to complete the purchase. I am glad I had Elaine as my realtor.”
Mo Suleiman

“Dear Elaine, Thank you so much for all your work on this contract. This deal went through because of your ability to stay on top of things, your patience and great professional attitude. Your client is lucky to have your representa-tion. It was a pleasure working with you."

Marina Bekker

“Elaine Bykerk is a charming, poised profes-sional who goes the extra mile for her custom-ers. She really does listen to her customer's wish list, and does her utmost to meet all their needs and then some. Elaine seems to work around the clock and was always ready to come over or give us a call back as needed. I would recom-mend Elaine to any home owner interested in selling or buying real estate. It was particularly important to sell our property in Wheeling, Il since we had already purchased our new resi-dence in Arkansas. Elaine realized this and gave us pointers that would "seal the deal" after sev-eral prospective buyers bought elsewhere.”
Barbara & Gary Albright

“Thank you so much for making this deal and for your wise counsel and consideration throughout the process. It was a pleasure working with such a lovely person and a true professional.”

Brenda Stone

“Elaine was absolutely wonderful. I could not be more pleased. She exceeded my expectations in all respects. She was helpful, personable, pleas-ant and professional. She was especially helpful in recommending contactors for some repairs that needed to be done before the house was listed. The contractors she referred were all amazing. I highly recommend Elaine. You will not be disappointed. Elaine Bykerk Glidden is fantastic!!! ”
Ed Klingenberg

“As a first time home buyer, I was looking for an honest, knowledgeable and professional realtor. Elaine Bykerk Glidden is the perfect realtor, she is very honest and a kind person. She guided me through all the process and re-ferred me to the right people. Elaine worked hard with everyone to complete the purchase. I’m glad I had Elaine as my realtor.”
Mo Suleiman

“Honestly cannot recommend one area of im-provement. Elaine is outstanding.”
Tasia Andrews